Clinch Avenue Student Housing -Knoxville, Tennessee (2015-16)

BLOUNT CONTRACTORS, Inc. performed all of the concrete work for this 100-Unit, 208,000 SqFt, 6-Story Student Housing project with 100-car Parking Garage near the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville. This project is a "Podium"- style structure, with several levels of post-tensioned concrete slabs supporting wood-framed residential areas above. The concrete structure was further complicated by the need to accommodate the three-dimensional nature of the project site, with a series of braced retaining walls that "stepped" the three buildings up through a 40 foot change in elevation from south to north. Additional concrete work included some decorative flatwork in the Amenities area and replacing the surrounding city sidewalks. Total concrete volume was approximately 5,500 Cubic Yards.


Campus Advantage

110 Wild Basin Road-Suite 365

Austin, Texas 78746


Kelly Grossman Architects

260 Addie Roy Rd.-Suite 210

Austin, Texas 78746

General Contractor:

FaverGray Construction

415 Pablo Avenue-Suite 200

Jackson Beach, FL. 32250

Concrete and Engineering Construction Services