BLOUNT CONTRACTORS, Inc. (BC) was founded in 1998 by William C. Hall, with intentions of focusing on providing full-service concrete construction services to the infrastructure and public works construction markets. While some of our work has indeed been in these areas, our primary market has turned out to be providing those services on building construction projects; at first to "out of town" General Contractors and Construction Managers. As our capabilities and reputation developed, we soon found an increasing market for our services with local General Contractors. Many of these local General Contractors were finding it increasingly difficulty to profitably self-perform the concrete work on their own projects.


This was actually a natural progression from the prior experiences Mr. Hall and other key BC management staff; all whom had worked extensively for and with general contracting (GC) firms. This allows BC to approach a project with GC's understanding and perspective of the overall project, while concentrating on the particular needs of our specialized scope of work.


While BC usually serves as a specialty subcontractor to a general contractor or construction manager, we have performed as the general contractor on some projects; and as a prime contractor to the project owner on several others.


Our services include procurement of all materials and equipment required to perform our stated scope of work, providing and processing all required submittal information, coordination of our work with all other trades and contractors involved, field engineering layout, design and construction of formwork and falsework for our scope of work, and numerous other tangible and intangible services which, taken all together allow GC's supervisory and management personnel to trust details to us and become free to focus on the remaining demands of the overall project. Read more

Concrete and Engineering Construction Services

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Concrete and Engineering Construction Services